About CBerry DeFi

CBerry DeFi is a decentralized digital assets Swap and Loan protocol. The platform will provide a state of the art and secure decentralised environment for assets swap and loaning. The official coin is CBD which also powers the CBerry content platform, our first product alongside CBY token.

Our Launchpad protocol will make it easier for projects owners to raise funds like real-time companies who approach VC’s and Angel investors but this time in a DeFi environment. Investors will invest without having to worry about the risk of tokens dropping in value as tokens aren’t given in exchange for funds invested instead, they get paid dividends and their capital in full.

The Swap Protocol

The decentralized swap system is a model of Pancake swap with added features and advantages. Users will be able to swap their digital assets on-chain and liquidity providers will get rewarded for locking their liquidity on the platform.

Our model revolves around incentives for active users to build a steady DeFi protocol. Official incentives will mostly be in CBD and CBY, the platform will also allow any other token to distribute incentives to active users in a decentralised form.

The Launchpad Protocol

CBerry DeFi will provide projects and Investors with both current IDO system, and the VC-Type Fundraise protocol.

CBD Token

CBD tokens would provide means through which users would be able to interact with the system, reward users and would serve as the governance token of the platform. CBD also powers CBerry Contents Portal platform with CBY token.

Total Supply
500 Million CBD
Binance Smart Chain
Contract Address

Token Allocation Forecast


CBerry DeFi roadmap is connected with CBerry Contents Portal and share elements

2020 Q4 Concept
  • Genesis
  • Concept Generation
2021 Q1 Contents Platform
  • CBY token development
  • Publicity
  • Platform Development
2021 Q2 CBD in the picture
  • CBY Exchange Listing
  • CBY Platform v2 release
  • CBerry DeFi development genesis
2021 Q3 IDO and Marketing
  • Fundraising (CBD IDO)
  • CBD Listings and Liquidity lock
  • DeFi Partnerships
  • Marketing push
2021 Q4 App Beta Test
  • CBerry DeFi v1 release
  • CBerry Team Expansion
  • CBY exchange listing
  • Contents Platform v2 update

Our Services

Asset Swap

Easy and save DeFi Swap with competitive incentive for users.


A first of its kind project funding protocol for safe and profitable investment.

Contents Portal

CBerry Contents Portal is already a renowned contents platform on the BSC

Decentralised Loan

Secure and simple protocol for efficient loaning system.

CBerry DeFi has been audited and certified

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Frequently asked questions

Is CBerry DeFi owned by CBerry?

Yes, CBerry DeFi is another project on the CBerry Ecosystem just like the Contents Portal.

CBY is the official token for the CBerry contents portal and CBD is the official token for CBerry DeFi Platform.

Yes, CBY and CBD have been designed to work to work together on both the Contents Platform and DeFi Platform.

What is the IDO price?

IDO price is $0.06

We will be holding our IDO on multiple platforms, all will be announced.

We are locking 50% of funds raised.

Soft Cap is $1 million, Hard Cap is $6 million.

What is the listing price?

Listing price is $0.1

Total supply is 500 million CBD.